A antique small elm table

joined by H-shaped stretcher, on turned feet

Antiek Iepenhouten tafeltje laat 17e Eeuw

50 cm hoog, 64 cm breed
en 38 cm diep


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A Dutch two bottle crystal stand

Crystal, step cutting diamonds, turning on standard of Dutch origin.

Height: 23 cm

Note: perfect condition, no chips.


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two bottle crystal stand  



A Netsuke, Japan about 1900


ivoren Netsuke

Netsky-tsuke, carved ivory, toggle or dress-fastener, mask derived from character and signed of Japanese origin.

Height 4,5 cm

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A solid silver dish,
bowl of glass ca. 1920

835/1000 silver dish, hallmarked
and marked with a star with initial B, glass scale, of German origin

Een tweede gehalte 835 zilver bordje met glazen schaaltje

Diam. dish: 17 cm

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  tweede gehalte 835 zilver bordje  


  Plaster Aphrodite bronze colored

A French plaster sculpture


Plaster, bronze colored, goddess "Aphrodite", with snake symbolized fruitfulness, renewal and healing, of French origin.

Height: 112 cm

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IVORY 19th Century

Crucifix with Christ in ivory crowned with a brass thorn crown. Christ’s left foot is crucified over the right. The image’s fingers are intact and remarkably delicate, his head falling to his right Mounted on ebony cross and socket with gilded trimmings

Kruisbeeld met Christus in ivoor bekroond met een messing doornenkroon. Gemonteerd op een ebbenhouten kruis en sokkel met vuurvergulde attributen

Christ height : 22 cm
Total height : 64 cm


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Crucifix with Christ in ivory  



solid silver inkstand


A solid silver inkstand
18th century style

Antiek zilveren
inkstand in 18e eeuwse stijl

Original German solid silver inkstand, pentray and candlestick 800 mark and Charançon French 19th century

Origine Duitsland
penhouder en kandelaar zilver 800 merkteken Charançon Frankrijk 19e eeuw

Length: 19,5 cm
Width: 11,2 cm
Height 7,8 cm
Weight: 187,7 gr

Note: Very good general condition

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